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I Choose To Be With You Quotes

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I Choose To Be With You Quotes

Committing to someone is more than mere romanticism; it’s an ongoing decision you must make and face head on every time.

Show your significant other how much they mean to you with an intimate love quote, perfect for writing in a card or including in wedding gifts. In life, we all have to make decisions. However, it is necessary to exercise critical thinking before making life-changing decisions. And with love, there are some individuals you will always select. Send “I Choose You Quotes” to someone you don’t want to lose.

My Favorite I Choose You Quotes


Certainly! Here are some “I Choose to Be With You

“In this chaotic world, I find peace because I choose to be with you.”

“Life is a journey, and I’ve chosen to walk hand in hand with you.”

“Amidst a sea of choices, my heart unequivocally chooses to be with you.”

“Love is not just a feeling; it’s a choice, and I choose to be with you every day.”

“No matter the challenges, I’ll always choose to stand by you, for you are my choice.”

“In the grand tapestry of life, my threads are woven with the choice to be with you.”

“You are my choice, my constant, my forever. I choose to be with you.”

“Beyond the stars and through the storms, I’ll always choose to be with you.”

“In the dance of life, my steps are synchronized with the rhythm of choosing you.”

“In the symphony of love, my heart plays the melody of choosing to be with you.”

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Love Quotes from Books


Literature can serve as a great source of creative and emotional inspiration when writing wedding vows, anniversary cards or simply trying to describe someone special in your life. Some of history’s and modernity’s finest writers have written movingly and deeply about human emotion – writing characters who will make you laugh out loud while also moving you deeply emotionally.

These iconic quotes about love are ideal for sharing your deepest sentiments and can be included in cards, letters, or romantic presents. Or create personalized keepsakes using them such as photo books or calendars so your loved one will cherish them for life!

Here are some love quotes inspired by the sentiment “I Choose to Be With You,” with a touch of literary flair:

“In the novel of my life, the most compelling plot is the choice I make every day—to be with you.”

“As the pages turn, our love story unfolds with each choice, and I choose to be with you in every chapter.”

“Our love story isn’t written in the stars; it’s penned with the ink of choices, and I choose to be with you in every paragraph.”

“Between the lines of destiny, I’ve found the freedom to choose, and I choose to write my love story with you.”

“In the library of love, my favorite book is the one where I chose to be with you, and every page is a testament to our shared journey.”

“The poetry of our love is composed of the verses where I choose you, and the rhythm is the heartbeat of our shared decisions.”

“Among the classics of love, our story stands out because I chose you, not as a character, but as my co-author.”

“In the tale of us, the protagonist is the choice to be with you, and every twist and turn leads to the same beautiful ending.”

“Our love story echoes through the corridors of time, and at every crossroad, I choose the path that leads to you.”

“Between the covers of our love story, the binding force is the choice we make—to be with each other, day after day.”

There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as experiencing feelings for someone special, yet sometimes finding it difficult to express them verbally. These adorable love quotes will definitely get your sweetie swooning!

Literature can often provide us with great sources of insight, and these love quotes from literature are no different. From iconic romantic works like Romeo and Juliet to modern young adult novels such as The Fault in Our Stars, these literary gems will help express your deepest emotions.

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Love Quotes from Movies


Love quotes from movies capture the beauty and intensity of one of the deepest human emotions: romance. These romantic quotes inspire audiences to pursue love in all its forms and believe in its transformative potential, but can also provide opportunities for reflection about its impactful presence in their lives.

Certainly! Here are some love quotes inspired by the sentiment “I Choose to Be With You,” with a cinematic touch:

“In the reel of my life, the most romantic scene is the moment I choose you, again and again.”

“Our love story is a blockbuster, and the plot twist is my unwavering choice—to be with you, always.”

“Like a classic film, our love has timeless appeal because I choose you in every scene, in every frame.”

“In the cinema of love, you are my leading role, and I’ll always choose you as my co-star.”

“Our love unfolds like a beautiful screenplay, and the recurring line is my choice—to be with you, no matter what.”

“The soundtrack of our love is the melody of my heart choosing you, playing on a loop.”

“In the movie of us, my favorite scene is the one where I choose to be with you, and the sequel is just as sweet.”

“Our love is a blockbuster hit because I choose to be with you in the scenes of joy, sorrow, and everything in between.”

“You are the star of my romantic movie, and the script is simple— I choose you, every single time.”

“Our love story is directed by my heart, and the recurring theme is the choice I make—to be with you in this beautiful film called life.”

No matter your taste in romantic comedies or dramas, chances are that you have heard some memorable quotes about love from movies and songs that stand the test of time. Quotes about romance provide an ideal opportunity to express feelings while showing the one you care for how much they mean to us all.

Have you written down some love quotes in your diary or on the back of a favorite notebook? They can often serve as reminders of that first special moment when you fell in love. Additionally, these quotes can also help reunite loved ones while recalling memories of an enjoyable period in their lives.

Books and other sources also contain many inspiring and motivational love quotes to provide extra motivation in love relationships. Some of these poetic love quotes use imagery to convey its beauty and depth; others speak directly to its emotional side.

There is an abundance of love quotes out there, all designed to express your emotions towards someone special. Use them on Valentine’s Day cards or send one out as anniversary greetings, or share them with your friends to show how much you care for them.

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Love Quotes from Songs

Songs provide an excellent way of expressing our emotions without having to write out our feelings on paper. From oldies and hits from today, there are songs that capture the emotion of falling in and out of love; rhythm and blues is especially good at conveying those stomach butterflies associated with starting new relationships or feeling as though your partner might be your soulmate.

No matter the occasion or gift given on Valentine’s Day, these romantic song lyrics and quotes are guaranteed to make them blush! Plus they make for perfect additions in cards or packages.

Certainly! Here are some love quotes inspired by the sentiment “I Choose to Be With You,” with a musical touch:

“In the symphony of my heart, the sweetest note is the one that says I choose to be with you.”

“Our love is a melody, and the refrain is my constant choice—to be with you, always.”

“Like a timeless ballad, our love story resounds with the lyrics of my commitment to choose you, over and over again.”

“You’re the chorus to my love song, and the lyrics speak of my choice—to be with you, forever strong.”

“In the rhythm of our love, the beat that never fades is the one where I choose to be with you, in every serenade.”

“Our love is a playlist, and every track is a testament to the choice I’ve made—to be with you, my favorite song.”

“You’re the verse that completes my love anthem, and the refrain echoes with the words ‘I choose to be with you.'”

“In the dance of love, you are the perfect tune, and my steps are guided by the choice—to be with you, under the moon.”

“Our love is a musical journey, and the lyrics of commitment play on repeat—I choose to be with you, on this lyrical seat.”

“You’re the melody that lingers in my heart, and the lyrics are clear—I choose to be with you, right from the start.”

Are you searching for something to make your sweetie laugh? Check out these fun love quotes for her or him, they are sure to spark her or his interest! These thoughtful quotes about love are the perfect way to show how much you care, while adding an extra special spark into any conversation!

Love can be an indescribably powerful experience, yet sometimes difficult to put into words. That’s why we’ve collected some of our favorite love quotes from authors, songs, movies, and other sources as a means of helping you express your emotions with those closest to you. These quotes will have your partner melting in their palm with no words necessary!

Love Quotes from Quotes

Love quotes can be an effective way to express your affection for someone special in times of trouble or need, particularly if words fail you. From finding just the right words to providing some much-needed inspiration, these timeless sayings can help you express yourself appropriately and with all its emotions.

Philosophers, poets and famous authors from around the globe have contributed these wonderful quotes about love that will put a smile on anyone who reads them; making an excellent addition to cards or gifts you send your loved ones.

Certainly! Here are some love quotes with the sentiment “I Choose to Be With You,” expressed in a straightforward manner:

“In the book of my heart, the most profound chapter is the one where I choose to be with you.”

“Life is a series of choices, and my favorite one is waking up every day, choosing to be with you.”

“Among a myriad of options, my best decision is the one where I choose to be with you, always.”

“In the gallery of love, my favorite painting is the one where I choose to be with you, a masterpiece of commitment.”

“Our love story is written with the ink of choices, and my pen insists on choosing you, over and over again.”

“In the grand symphony of life, the most harmonious note is the one where I choose to be with you.”

“You are not just my choice; you are my certainty. I choose to be with you, now and forever.”

“Every sunrise brings a new opportunity to affirm my love. I choose to be with you, with each dawn.”

“In the dance of love, my steps are guided by the simple, yet profound, decision to be with you.”

“You’re not just a part of my life; you are my life. I choose to be with you, unconditionally and without hesitation.”

Beginning a relationship is exciting and unforgettable; from nervously trying to figure out when and how to tell each other you love them for the first time to discovering deeper feelings as time goes on. These romantic quotes perfectly capture the sweetness of new love – they make great Valentine’s Day cards or anniversary presents!

Shakespeare’s works offer plenty of insight into love.

“Alas that my heart, thou shouldest not reflect not my beauty…” (Romeo and Juliet 1.1)

These beautiful quotes about love are essential additions to any bookcase or coffee table, both as a reminder of its power and as an inspirational tool to live our own unique stories of romance.

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